You can start using and configuring network devices

Lab Simulatoins for CCNA and CCNP 

Sharontools is mainly about Networking tools

In this site you can find tools that i developed to help me with complex network issues that i ran into.
I tested the tools with Cisco Nortel and Juniper equipment.
Some of the tools ‘talk’ SNMP and some SSH and telnet with switches and routers


  • Online lab –              Connect free to online network devices



  • 9Ping –                    A split window multi ping

  • DIT –                        Discover all devices connected to a switch

  • Flaps –                     Monitor switches MAC-address table

  • MassConfig –            mass configuration & Configuration backup tool

  • SuperPing –               Pings Host on the net, on timeout send commands to network device

Online networking tools:

Online other tools: